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How To Create Your Blog For Free

 Blogger is one of the platforms I will like you to use to create your personal blogs or blog for businesses.


1.Go to blogger.com
2.Click on CREATE BLOG
3.Select Your Gmail account or create one
4.Type your profile name (ex. Philip Quateh) click on Create
Create your first blogger site.

In our other tutorials, I will show you how to add labels to your blogger, tags and also add settings to your blogger.

You have to know how to do this to get more traffic to your website.
Traffic is the way of promoting your blog/website in the social media platforms or other website to get more views for monetization.
You need about 3000 views for your blogger site to get monetized with AdSense.
You have to watch the video to help you the more.
Thank you very much, my loved ones, do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and like as well.
God richly bless you.
You also have to plan  for the purpose creating the blog. You need the kind of content to produce for people to visit your blog.
Here are some blog contents you can write about,
1      How To’s And Tutorials
Tutorials and how-to guides are a great way to engage your audience and educate them in a particular or specific subject or blog post.
People shift theirs to technology tutorials, programing tutorials, website creation tutorials, and many more to help or guide those who want to get more knowledge on certain topic.
Is easy to work with since you have knowledge on the topic you are treating than holding what you don’t have much knowledge on.
Else you will not get more people or visitors if you are not persistent.
The key thing to remember when writing how-to guides is to break things down into small actionable steps. This makes it easier for readers to follow your instructions. Including step by step screenshots further aids in this, especially for visual learners.
       Video Tutorials
If writing full guides on a subject seem too frustrating for you, you can always create videos instead of writing much. This is where people their facebook or Youtube, vimeo and more video hasting platforms into their content filming themselves or doing onscreen recording with very less test or writings in the content.
      Industry News
People wake up in the morning and love to read news as they surf on the net. They look for latest news, this will help you get daily increase in traffic as they return regularly to your blog to find latest news.
       Current events
This is similar to industry news, this includes writing current events and it is even easier.
The benefit in writing about what’s happening now is that people are already searching for more information about events as they happen, making your blog post a prime reading option.
   Inspirational Stories
Share about a new milestone or share inspirational story of how you started something and has brought you a success.
People love inspirational stories because it makes them want to learn new things.

Podcast MP3s
The podcasting industry is booing these days, with new podcasts popping up all over the place. You can organize an interview, let people listen to your voice on your blog, comment share and also help you get more traffic.
Those who create news blogs embed their podcast feed in so that it will help their listeners get connected to their online FM or radios.
You can even choose this as an alternative for the video or add them. It is really grows the traffic of your blog and podcast as well to generate passive income from both.

 Beginners guides
This is also like the how-to and tutorials.
You just have to concentrate on one thing like beginners guide for blog, podcasting and YouTubing.
This will help you get daily traffics.
   Food And Restaurants
This is also good when it comes to chefs, you can teach how to prepare meals and also write about your restaurant to help direct people to come to your restaurant.
You can write about pizza preparation, and many more about food all these are for caterers.
  Fashion Designs And Dressing
Many people also love fashion and dressings to display. This is also a bit of you dressing to display for people to do variety of dresses.
You can also patronize your sowing techniques and industries.
Institutions also create personal website or industrial website with blog and change the subdomain and make it a domain for it to become the website for the institution.
Many people also use blog to create their website with and ease with just changing the .blogspot or subdomain into one domain hosting using the DNS. 

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