PSALM 145:1-21
Had it not been by His grace and mercy, where will we be. Glory be unto the Lord for how far He has brought us to. Many were the plans of the enemy against our lives, but He has delivered us from the snare of the fouler and from the noisome pestilence.
Glory be unto the Lord always.
May His name be glorified and greatness and goodness be unto His name for all the good things He has done from January to December 31st which marks the end of the year. For all the great impact He made through campus missions this year and also the impact He made on social media platforms.

It is all by His grace and doing. God touched lives and also won souls for Himself.
I remember, the was a day I was going to preach the gospel in one of the schools, I had prepared a message and prayed also in the evening that the message will have great impact and people will be saved, but early in the morning was Sunday, when I was still preparing, I could just recognize that the message has change totally, I couldn’t even felt to preach the message I prepared. I was crying within me and saying in my head why has the message I prepared changed totally. But the new message I got in my Spirit and I believe is the Holy Spirit who changed it. The new message was Return To Thy First Love, I just had a few minute to move from the house to go, but I knew some scriptures which talks about that message, I prepared fast and I prayed that the will of God be done.
But when I preached that sermon, I saw that , that was the right meal their soul needed and it is just what the Holy Spirit has prepared for them.
Some came for the alter call and by God’s grace I led them to Christ.
So later I recognized as in the messages sometimes keeps changing when I am invited to preach, and I said “Holy Spirit prepares the right meal for the people for me as a servant of God to serve the meal”
So I serve the meal, I don’t prepare the meal. He gives me what the people want, not what I want, He can change the meal at any moment and my work is to serve it well, with all His glory in Christ Jesus.
I was able to visit about six schools as I started the campus missions but  the number of times I was invited was about eleven times.
 I delivered letters to other schools.  It is all by the doing of the Lord and I thank Him for doing this great things and touching lives.
There was another time, I was invited to go and preach the gospel in a school, I was called the day before the program to give an account/history on S.U because it was an S.U day , but I was touched also to prepare the message entitled Be Spirited And Committed. The time given me was very small because the president of the union gave the account or history, I was called as the second speaker, and I preached less than 20 minute. after the sermon, I asked my self, so due to this small time I was given to deliver the message, did it make more impact into the people’s live?
After we had closed the program, I saw a boy coming to where the alter was, he greeted me and said the message you preached has touched me. This is what the boy said “at first I was preaching my friends in the school but I stooped because we were asked to stop and my colleagues also laughed at me, but from today I will preach the gospel again.
I became happy and my heart was filled with joy in the Lord that the message made great impact and able to touch someone to return to his first love.
I am happy and I bless the Lord for all this great things He is doing even on social media platforms.
 Last year I started with using whats app platform, texting messages or the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ but now by His grace , I am now also using blog, for which has helped me to share the gospel on other social media platforms.
 I thank God always for the great things He is doing, glory and honor be unto His name in Jesus name. Amen

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