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The word of God is Jesus Christ besides God Himself (JOHN 1
Anyone who rejects the word of God rejects God and therefore God is against such person and also the person will perish. (LUKE 9:26; J0HN12:48; HOSEA 4:6; ROMANS 1:21-24)
Beloved anyone who does not hear the word of God nor rejects the word of God is not a son of God.
There are many people who have rejected the word of God and many counties and due to that God has handed them over to their lust.
The lust of the devil and definitely those who are given up to the lust are of the devil. (ROMANS 1:24-27)
This is a true evidence of God rejecting them. Countries that engage in Lesbianism and Gay. (ROMANS 1:26-27) God also gave them to reprobate mind to those which is not convenient. There are countries that does not believe in the potency of God nor the knowledge of God, because of this as they reject the word of God and does not give their ears to the truth, God also reject them.
Most the Western Countries engage in this evil acts. Beloved, do not reject the word of God, if you reject the word of God, God will reject you!
When we talk about the Western Countries and even some of the African countries, because some have rejected the will of God and the commandments of God, God do not delight in them and they are taken captive by the enemy. Never in your life reject the word of God. Countries that reject the word of God are like Sodom and Gomorrah. (Romans1:29-32)
They will all fall into the judgment of God and the word of God himself will judge them. They’ve rejected wisdom for wisdom is the word of God which makes man prudent. They see the word of God to be foolishness and does not acknowledge Him at all in their doings.
God has made them foolish and blind that as they’ve rejected Him they will face the wrath of God in the day to come. (REVELATION 3:17)
Their wisdom nothing before God but just foolishness which leads to perish all because they don’t acknowledge Him. (1 CORINTHINAS 1:19-31)
Just recently, with their so called wisdom, the government of a country accepted that, the citizens should engage in abortion and it should be done. See how they didn’t acknowledge the presence and the knowledge of God.
God is against abortion, He hate it, but for them, they used their wisdom and knowledge. They are saying birth control but God blessed men to multiply, be fruitful and replenish the earth. (GENESIS 1:28 & 8:1) but for them in their knowledge they’ve allowed birth control which many aspects of it is very evil. The use of condom, the practice of vasectomy, the use of pills and many more which goes against the will of God. Shedding innocent blood and bringing forth mischief. (ISAIAH 59:1-4) Beloved do not reject the word of God.
No man should reject the word of God, whether if you are an Apostle, Prophet, an Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher of the gospel and you reject the word of God, God will reject you.
Let your heart be of the Lord hearken unto the knowledge of God else you will perish and make God’s wrath fall upon your life. God rejected Saul who was the king of Israel because, he rejected the word of God and lied. God hate those who lie even in His presence. (1 SAMUEL 15:1-35)
Beloved give your heart to Christ, if you have any position in the country, in the town or in the village, know that you will not forever be in the position, you will die and go and after death, there is judgment. Stay blessed and let the word of God be in you. The light of the world is Jesus Christ



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