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Ought Men Of God Be Humble

Ought Men Of God Be Humble

Bear Good Fruit
Men of God, we are stewards, and leaders in Christ, people who represent God on earth besides His Ministers.

Proudness has taken many men of God and even in the church that is leading the church in lasciviousness.

Samuel walked with God with all humility till He finished or completed His mission on earth.

Abraham was humble and completed his mission on earth.
Jeremiah, Daniel and all the other ministers of the gospel did same.

Dear ones we have to be humble if you want God too lift you up.

If we want to enter into the kingdom of God, then we have to be *humble*

For it is the fruit of the Spirit. This shows that you are a candidate of heaven besides you’ve grown in the Spirit.
Galatians 5:22-23

Listen….. many people think being humble is when you do things to make men please you, it is a lie
You have to please the Lord. This is humility

A minister who is humble think about the Lord and His words first before He takes a step to please the Lord and with Soo doing help the saints.

Now we have ministers who boast with materialism, money and also fame…
Things that do not glorify the Most High God but themselves.

Proud In Personality

When they boast in what they have, then they start erasing the name and the grace of the most High God from their church.

How they dress
Many ministers are proud in their dressing, wearing what belongs to the world is not modesty. It is against Christianity and preach proudly that Christ has saved us and sanctified us so nothing is sin with your wearing.

Feel proud to wear even jeans trousers called “crazy jeans”….

2. Dressing a way that will please the world
3. Putting on eye lashes
4. Artificial nails
5. Wearing of unwanted rings and adorns
1 Timothy 2:9

These are some of the way they dress

Are these ministers of God?

1Timothy 3:1-16

In Speech

Let learn how to praise God in everything we do in our speech not speaking with self praises (selfish and arrogance).

Men of God with body guards, are you a minister of the world or a eathly  nation?

Are you important than Peter the Apostle, Apostle Paul, Philip the evangelist and the Apostle and the other Apotles who gave their lives to Christ and laid down their lives humbly for the work sake?

Even the great ministers of old couldn’t do these evil and foolish things but we’re humble and serve the Lord with humility.

These people who are proud does not boast about going to heaven or being in heaven but rather in what they’ve build, money, cars and fame………

I also feel pity for the young ones like me who take these people as their Spiritual mothers and spiritual fathers and whatever you are, you are “lost”.


1 Peter 3:3

Be humble in how you reason, how you speak, let it minister grace unto others.
Ephesians 4:29

Be humble and study Jesus Christ, Peter, Paul, and all the other Apotles who did the work of God with all humility.

Let’s learn from them that we will get heaven.

Men of God who like big names, today if you are calling some minister and you don’t add some names their names, either they will curse you, insult you or even don’t accept your requests.
Men of God?

Let get a change of mind and be humble .

Let us be humble.
Bible says by their fruit we shall know them.

How they dress, how they talk, how they reason, in their personality we shall surely know them.
Bear good fruit and this is a minister of the Most High God.

Galatians 5:22-25

God bless you all my dear ones.
May the Living God give us humility in Jesus name.

By: Philip Quateh



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